Top Barbecue Accessories For Your Home Grill

by Matos Home Team 08/11/2019

It's that period of the year where families and friends come out to have fun - nothing else spells fun better than a barbecue and a cold drink. Grilling has gone past the age of kettle grills and charcoal briquettes. With summer approaching, you want to get your grill equipment ready for the warm weather. The grill is an essential part of every outdoor party and should not be over complicated with too many equipment choices or devices. Having the right tools would make grilling fun, enjoyable and more relaxed. Below are top barbecue accessories to consider for summer—which is just around the corner:

Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

With the use of this intelligent wireless meat thermometer, you don’t have to worry about overcooking or under-cooking your chicken. It comes in a classy wood case that also serves as a charger—making it available at all time. The meat thermometer comes with an app that is easy to use. You can preset on the app based on your taste and your choice of meat and check the stats on the app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

Grill Daddy Pro

It’s designed to clean your grill surface with the power of stem. Fill water into the grill daddy and fire up your grill. The grill daddy release steam that melts grease and has a brush head that’s dishwasher safe to clean the surface of your grill. 


Having to light up a grill without bothering about lighter fluid getting into your chicken is a relief. The Looftlighter is a better option compared to your chimney starter, and it works by producing heated air which is expected to start a fire in about 60 seconds. The Looftlighter works on charcoal, wood, and briquettes. It requires power and needs an electric outlet before putting to use.


After the fun of grilling, nobody wants to clean up all that messiness. Here comes the job of the Grillbot. Place your Grillbot on a dirty grill, power it up and it cleans. The Grillbot has rechargeable wire brushes and can work autonomously with no supervision. It comes with a timer and an alarm that tells you when it has completed a set clean cycle. 

Expanding Led Grill Light

To avoid burning your chicken or hot dog at night when you grill, you would need to get a led grill light. You get saved the stress of having to fumble with a torchlight in one hand and a grill fork in the other. The light clips on to your grill and some are water resistant.

Grill Cooler

The purpose of the grill cooler is to ensure you have everything you need for your grill party in a place. You get saved the stress of shuffling back and forth between the refrigerator and your backyard. 

Grill Tool Set

It's a set every griller should own and comes with a sleek wooden handle. Inside the collection, there is steel spatula, corn on the cob holders, grill brush, skewers, fork, and tongs.

Barbecuing is one of a homeowner's great delights. If you need a new backyard to host your grilling party, reach out to your local real estate professional.

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